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Safe Closure Service

After a landfill has reached capacity, it is closed for waste deposition and covered. Safe closure enables it to be used as pasture, cropland, or for recreational purposes. Maintenance of the closed landfill is important to avoid soil erosion and excess runoff into desirable areas. Following closure, the landfill requires continued maintenance and monitoring.

Post Closure Activities

After a landfill's operating life, post closure activities are undertaken to ensure that the closure of the landfill is done properly and adhere to environmental regulations. Post-closure care activities consist of monitoring and maintaining the waste containment systems and observing groundwater. Worldwide Holdings Berhad (WHB) is an expert in landfill closure. Services for post-closure care consist of maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the:

  • Final Cover System
  • Leachate Collection System
  • Groundwater Monitoring System
  • Methane Gas Monitoring System
  • Landscape

The first safe closure and post-closure maintenance by Worldwide Holdings Berhad (WHB) was implemented on the Air Hitam Sanitary Landfill which reached its capacity in 2006 and is now closed.

WHB undertakes the rehabilitation and safe closure works of Kg Sungai Kertas open dumpsite at Gombak, Selangor and subsequently to maintain the site for post-closure works for a period of five (5) years. The site was an illegal dump that caught fire and collapsed, causing environmental damage to the surrounding area and people. This site now is fully restored and turned into a green area.

Another project of post closure maintenance that WHB undertakes is the Kampung Sungai Kembong dumpsite at Hulu Langat, Selangor. The proposed dumpsite has been operated for more than ten years and among the works that have been carried out as part of the safe closure works are providing the capping system, reprofiling and strengthening of the existing bunds, construction of leachate treatment plant, construction of landfill gas management system and also the infrastructure works which include the upgrading of existing access road, surface run off management and fencing for demarcation of boundary.