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WHB's expertise in this area includes the design, construction, operation, closure, restoration and after care of landfills, including the post-operation extraction of resources from a landfill.
In Selangor, we operate two strategic landfill at Tanjung DuaBelas Kuala Langat and Jeram Kuala Selangor.
Small collection vehicles and larger compactor unload their waste at the landfill. The waste is then placed, compacted and covered to reduce odor and the ingress of water, utilizing specified equipment to maximize efficency and ensure safety.
Our landfills are designed to comply with the highest Department of Environment requirement. The design includes a secure liner system and a cap to prevent water ingress and gas engress. Drainage system are also built within the landfill to collect liquid effluent (leachate) that are further treated in special designed treatment plant.
Within the waste mass, the degration of waste generates landfill gas, which is collected through system of pipes and wells. A naturally recovered energy, the gas then beneficially used to generate thermal energy or electrical power.


Site Design : Compliance with strictest environmental requirement.

Before starting any waste disposal of sanitary landfill, a detail environmental impact assessment and examination of each potential site is carried out. This involves a comprehensive geological and and topographical analysis of terrain, its hydrogeology and local metrological conditions. These measure yield detailed information about the water impermeability of the soil, surface water flow patterns, site suitability, access and the ecological impacts.


Controlling Pollution

Rain water that comes into contact with waste is constantly drained and treated in the leach ate treatment plant within the landfill site. The odors and hazard of landfill gas are eliminated through flaring or transformed into useful energy whenever possible.



What types of solid waste are permitted in a sanitary landfill?

Domestic/Household waste
Commercial waste
Light industrial waste
Market waste
Street/Public cleaning waste
Construction waste
Condemned food waste
NB. A sanitary landfill cannot dispose of toxic, hazardous of clinical waste.