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Waste management has become increasingly challenging in view of the rapid pace of development and industrialization, locally and globally. Today, managing solid waste does not confine to disposal alone. Improving the quality of the environment through better waste management as well as utilization of cleaner technologies has to be the main emphasis towards reducing the threat of air, water and land pollution

WHB was not spared when it comes to broadening its scope of portfolio. Through its vast experience in the sanitary landfill business, WHB sees this as golden opportunity, exploiting enormous potentials the the rehabilitation and upgrading of dumpsites as well as the safe closure and post-closure of landfills.

Capitalizing our skills and expertise, WHB is capable of tranforming a dumpsite into an engineered sanitary landfill, equipped with computerized weighbridge station, leachete treatment plant, liner, monitoring wells, leachate collection system and landfill gas system. After its operatinglife, WHB will then undertake closure and post closure activities, which include environmental monitoring, leachate and gas treatment and finally, greening of the site to restore it to its natural surrounding.

Given the Group's expertise and experience in the rehabilitation and safe closure of dumpsites, WHB was awarded  3 rehabilitation and upgrading projects of open dumpsites by the State Government of Selangor, which are Kubang Badak Dumpsite, Sungai Kertas Dumpsite and Sungai Kembong Dumpsite.