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Our continuous involvement in the environment business is an acknowledgement of shared responsibility for protecting and preserving the quality of environment. Having accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience in the environmental management, WHB took another major step by making inroads into an inert waste landfill business through Dengkil Inert Waste Landfill, the one and only such facility in the Klang Valley area and Selangor. We also operate an inert waste landfill project located at Kuang, Selangor.

Inert waste landfill is an inert waste disposal facility that caters specifically to inert such as construction and demolition wastes. soil, tyres, garden wastes and other dry, non-leachable wastes. The facility deploys environmental-friendly treatment that minimizes any potential impacts on the environmental through groundwater monitoring.

Acceptable Waste To Be Disposed

Construction Waste
Garden Waste
Any types of non-leaching waste

Non-Acceptable Waste

Domestic waste
Toxic Waste
Fluid Waste
Schedule Waste
Condemned Food Waste