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The degradation of waste generates landfill gas (LFG). The main composition of LFG is methane gas which is an ideal renewable energy source. It is collected through system of pipes and wells and then beneficially used to generate electrical power.
WHB's expertise in this field includes consultancy services, feasibility study on LFG quality and quantity, project design and development, construction of LFG pipeline and gas wells and operational of gas engine power plant.
The viability of using LFG as renewable energy has been proven through the operation of the 2.0 Megawatt Grid Connected Power Generation Plant at our Air Hitam Sanitary Landfill, Puchong, Selangor under Small Renewable Energy Project (SREP) project. This project winning first prize honors for "technical excellence" in the competition's on-grid category at the 2005 ASEAN Energy Ministers meeting in Sean Reab, Cambodia.