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In Malaysia, as many other developing countries, there is a growing awareness of the need to continuously preserve the quality of the environment. WHB sees this as future of growth of our business. Thus, our role and involvement in the environmental management has expended over time. Another value-added portfolio which we are presently involved in is solid waste transfer station.

WHB's foray into the business of transfer station is through the design and building of a solid waste transfer station located in Shah Alam, Selangor. The Shah Alam Transfer Station (SATS) serves as a collection point for solid waste received from local municipalities in Selangor and Klang Valley.

Design Concept
The design concept applied for SATS is a vertical compression system which the compactors are installed in level two of the transfer station building. The refuse collection truck will be directed to the tipping platform at level two and tip directly into the small hopper built over the silo. There are eight units of tipping bay or silo places provided in SATS supported by two units of mobile vertical compactors.
Advantages of SATS are:
  1. The system is considered a simpler, more efficient and more economical solution than the horizontal principle, mainly because of the need for fewer containers (silos), compactors and haulage trailers;
  2. Lighter constructions, less maintenance of the equipment and less required space for building and infrastructure likewise contribute to minimize the investment and operational costs per ton of waste.
  3. The transfer station can also serve as a collection point for recyclable materials and site for inspecting and sorting the hazardous waste materials. 

Our expertise:

  1. Design and construct of complete vertical system transfer station (500 tonne/day and above);
  2. Design of a complete open top system transfer station (500 tonne/day and below)